Honeygain Review – Get Paid For Selling Bandwidth



Easibilty to use and set up


Money to be earned


Referral program



  • Very easy to use and set up
  • Available on multiple platforms (PC, Mac and Android)
  • Referrals don't expire and you'll earn 10% of their earnings
  • Well documented


  • High minimum payout threshold ($20)
  • Withdrawal process is a bit complicated.
  • The pay rate is not that high

What is Honeygain?

Honeygain is a legit bandwidth selling service for Windows, Mac and Android. You get paid for letting companies use your internet connection for content delivery and web crawling. Honeygain is available worldwide, but the amount you earn depends on the demand of their customers. You get paid $0.10 per 1GB of bandwidth sold. Honeygain’s minimum payout threshold is $20 and they pay via PayPal using Tipalti.

How to start earning

In order to start earning with Honeygain, you need a residential IP address (so no servers!) and an account. You can sign up for one here. Use coupon code GETHONEY for free $5 bonus. After doing so, head over to your dashboard and click on one of the download links at the top-right corner. On PC and Mac, simply go through the installation process, log in and you’re earning! In the case of Android, you might get stuck at the unknown sources part. To fix that, follow this video and after this try installing again.

Pros of Honeygain

Honeygain is a passive moneymaker and is easy to use. In the case of computers, it’ll start up as soon as you turn it on and requires no further input from you. In the case of mobile devices, you may have to start the app yourself every now and then. The referral program is very basic but solid. Once you refer someone, they’ll be your referrals forever and you will earn 10% from their earnings.

Cons of Honeygain

Even though Honeygain is a passive earner and doesn’t require any input from you, the $20 minimum payout threshold is just way too high. A small inconvenience is the way they pay out. Once you reach the threshold and click “withdraw” you’ll have to wait for an email from Honeygain. The email contains a signup link to Tipalti. Tipalti is the payment provider of Honeygain who manages their payouts. You have to sign up at their service, enter the correct information and then wait. In a couple of days your money should arrive in your PayPal account from a “random” PayPal account. You can read more about this process here. Even though I’m not sure about this, I think Honeygain has to pay out higher amounts at once to have Tipalti handle the payments for them.

Another thing to complain about is their pay rate. They pay you about $0.10 per 1GB of bandwidth sold. That means that you have to sell about 200GB worth of bandwidth in order to get paid. If you have an unlimited connection and a device that doesn’t consume much electricity, then that’s not a problem. If not, then Honeygain might not be financially worth it for you.

My experience with them

I have used Honeygain for 6 months, since June 2019. Because my upload speed is not astonishing (10mb/s), it took me some time to reach the minimum threshold. If you plan to use it then I suggest three things. First of all, have a few devices that are online at least 12 hours a day. That way you have hopes for earning at least something noticeable. Second of all, get some referrals, they help you earn even faster. Third, run Honeygain on as many phones as you have available. This increases your uptime and if they have different IP addresses then it means more money! Its also probably smarter to run it alongside Fluidstack to keep the earnings per device as high as possible.

Payment from Honeygain
Payment from Honeygain

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