GG2U Review – Earn Money for Surveys and Offers



Payment rates


Variety of offers and offerwalls


Minimum payout rate


Referral program


Loyalty program



  • You get paid 65%-85% of what GG2U gets paid for you completing an offer
  • Has 11 offer walls and 5 survey routers
  • Has a loyalty program for offers and videos


  • Minimum payout rate is $7
  • Most offer walls have the same offers or aren't available worldwide
  • The commission from referrals is low.

What is GG2U?

GG2U is a Get Paid To site where you get paid for filling out surveys or completing offers such as signing up for trials, downloading apps and more. They have 11 offer walls and 5 survey routers for you to choose from. What makes them different from other GPT sites is the amount they pay you. They pay 65-85% of what they get paid from routers compared to other sites’ 40%-60%. Besides that, they have a solid loyalty program, a thing other sites often lack. Their minimum payout rate is $7 and you can get paid via PayPal, Bitcoin or gift cards.

How Can You Earn with GG2U

You can earn with GG2U in three ways – surveys, offers, and videos. For surveys, I recommend using YourSurveys, Dynata, RevenueWall, Opinion Capital and Theoremreach. These routers are completely focused on surveys and offer you the best rates for your time and input. In order to earn with surveys, you have to fill out your profiles at these routers and check them every now and then for new surveys. If there are any available, pick them and fill them out.

For offers, I recommend OfferToro, Adgate, Adscend, and AdGem. They often have some good offers and in most cases pay you without any hiccups. Offers vary from quizzes and app downloads to free trials and sign-ups, hence it’s hard to give any steps on how to complete these. The only thing I could recommend is to make sure the offer is worth your time and is safe. For example, if the quiz requires you to complete it at 100% and is full of ads, don’t bother spending 30 minutes for 3 cents. In case of free trials, make sure these sites aren’t going to run off with your credit card data. You can make that sure by googling the site you’re about to sign up with.

For videos, you have to sign up with Hideout first, which you can do here. Using Hideout is simple – just leave the videos playing, make sure your ad blocker is turned off and you’re earning points that you can withdraw to GG2U. For extra earnings, I recommend you to turn on their website’s notifications. That way you can get notified about limited-time promo codes that you can redeem for points. Once you have enough points you can go to the Loyalty Program Rewards menu, link your GG2U account and withdraw the points.

GG2U's offer walls.
GG2U’s offer walls.

The Loyalty Program

GG2U has a loyalty program in the form of gold and silver coins. You get 1 gold coin for 5 payouts and 1 silver coin for every 200 video points you gather via Hideout. Once you have a coin you can use it to spin a wheel. From there you can earn between $1-$7, depending on the coin. In the case of silver coins, you can also redeem them for a flat payment of $1.6. I’ve tried both of these wheels out and have recommended my experience with them. You can check out these videos here.

Referral Program

GG2U’s referral program isn’t the best but not bad either. You get paid 5% of your referral’s earnings each time they withdraw. The rate isn’t the best but other things overweigh this con. Another good thing about the referral program is that the referrals don’t expire. That means if your referrals stay active you’re going to earn from them for years to come. A thing many sites don’t have is a good, plain and simple referral statistics page. There you can pick a date range and see when a referral signed up and see who has earned you money.

GG2U referral statistics page
GG2U referral statistics page

The Pros

GG2U has quite a lot of pros and thus it’s hard to list all of them here. Notable ones though are their payment rates, variety of choices and loyalty program. There aren’t many sites left that actually pay you a reasonable percentage so having a site pay its users well is simply great. Getting contracts and integrations with offer walls is also quite a bit of work so going through that hassle only adds reputation to the site. Many sites have also gotten rid of their loyalty programs over the years to increase profit margins so having a site sacrifice some money for their users’ happiness is welcomed by many.

The cons

Compared to the pros the list of cons for GG2U is rather short. The first one is their minimum payout rate of $7. Most sites have a minimum payout rate of $5 so a $2 difference isn’t a lot but still noticeable. Another thing is the referral commission rate which is just 5%. A free 5% earning is still money so I can’t complain too much about it. The last con which is not so much related to GG2U itself is the variety of offers. Even though GG2U has lots of offer walls, most of them have the same offers and can be completed only once at one offer wall, thus making other offer walls useless for that purpose.

My Experience with GG2U

I’ve been using GG2U for about 8 months and have been paid out 6 times. Most of the time I fill surveys at YourSurveys and RevenueWall but also complete app downloads at AdGem. I haven’t used other offer walls for app downloads much because AdGem simply has the best rates. I also watch videos at Hideout for some video points. It’s a slow process but it works. I’ve always been paid on time and haven’t had any issues with them. Because of that I highly recommend them if you want to earn some extra with GPT sites. If you want to earn some more money with ease then I suggest you check out FluidStack, SerpClix, and Honeygain.

GG2U payment proof
GG2U payment proof

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